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The Art of Wellbeing and Balance



Quotes I was in transit in UK when one of my collegues suggested a one healing massage in a one club near my hotel, my first reaction was no way! Im was wrong, then I knew Evandro and his work Wow!...what a Power as I returned to USA I never feel so good not only about the massage but more about how my Mind gave me a more clear attention into Gratitude Balance and Wellbeing..Thank you so much Evandro.. Quotes
Teresa M.
Aviation Manager L.A.

Quotes I know Evandro for many years and when decided to trying his kind of healing through back & shoulders massage I not only received a clean toxines from my back, but beyond what I can here put in words the results still running perfectly till present day and yes when I return to my home in UK I have my visit to Evandro this is for sure. What I can say here its a very good experince on Healing. Quotes
William S.
Rolls-Royce Master Engineer - UK

Quotes Evandro's approach with his unique Native American Healing backgrounds methods has given me a true opportunity to embrace what really means Self Aware Core Beliefs. Highly recommended by all means. Quotes
Menchu Arquero
Ă½Pilates & Yoga Instructor - UK