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Hi my name is Evandro Honehe. I am a Life Coach as well as a Sports/Swedish Massage Therapist with different Discliplines completed in Algarve in Portugal in 2002. I was born in Brazil with a Native American background Poty/Tinde,with a well known Connection about my Blood Line Heritage embracing a Natural and a Spiritual Teaching towards an Ancestral Healing  process. Vissionary, Passionnate,Catalyst in providing a range of services which will help embrace a new approach to be away from an unbalanced health  on an emotional and physical level. I have worked in fitness clubs(self employer), and also in a private venue based in Healing Island together with Tina Heath a Life Coach Consultant also a Renowned British Hypnotherapist who has worked and learned with Paul McKenna (British self-improvement author and broadcaster), as well as taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon working along with Teenager Cancer Trust. I also have a very good appreciation and respect to all of those inside my past workshops. This allows me to enhance my skills in order to support you in your efforts to effectively move forward and achieve your goals.  I observe persons as a Potential Self Freedom Magnetic Embodied Entities.

My abilities combined together with my personal Spiritual and Energetic field approaches help me think, as we are so different from each other  but all aiming to follow the massive infinite wave of Vibrational Cosmic Energy and working with the influences or negative opinions being irrelevant matters by all means, compared to our Subconscious and Spiritual Mind which deliver a Massive Quantum Power Touch in order to accomplish what we really looking for Walking Through This Life Leap Wealthy..Healhty..Balanced..Loved.

My Name is Faten Ahawee, I am an experienced qualified Therapist in EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique , Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki Master and Massages ;

I have an Native American Background , Cherokee Tribe.

I work with energy  and encourage healing to all clients by unblocking stuck or stagnant energy, and creating pathways for energy, blood, breath and other systems of the body to flow freely.

Evandro&Faten are dedicated to using all of their skills, experiences and training in supporting their clients as they face the huge challenges of their lives, helping them to find the skills and courage to make real breakthroughs and transform their lives.

We help people who feel stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, or deeply frustrated by their lives.
We help people make exciting changes that they did not think were possible. Even though, we've been helping clients for many years, each time, a client makes breakthroughs and watch them grow and leave a session with a big smile on their face, it feels fulfilling and brings us Joy.  

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